heart - stereo blend (eth/col) 3.5
cherry, syrupy caramel

small batch - ethiopia duromina 4
jasmine, cocoa

heart - guatemala la esperanza 4
tangerine, brown sugar

flight of two 6.5
flight of three 9

updated 24th of September 2017


espresso drinks

espresso 3.5
short macchiato 3.75
cortado 4.25
cappucino / flat white 4.5
latte 5
please ask about choosing an espresso to pair with your milk drink




personal filter 

heart - kenya guichiro 6.5
strawberry, lavender, honey

small batch - ethiopia duromina 6
jasmine, lemon, cherry


batch filter 

49th parallel - ethiopia hunda oli 4
currant, honey, caramel






iced latte 5.25
battenkill whole milk with a double shot of epic espresso served over ice
sub housemade almond+1

iced filter 4.5
batch brew filter chilled and served straight up

cold brew 4.5
18hr cold steep brew served over ice

nitro cold brew 5
cold brew injected with nitrogen

vietnamese iced latte 6
cold brew concentrate with sweetened condensed milk shaken and served over ice

espresso tonic 6
fevertree tonic over ice with a shot of epic espresso topped with two dashes of lemon bitters



tea & more


song tea

yunnan red 4.5
black, yunnan province

fragrant leaf 4
green, fujian province

nantou dark 4.5
 roasted oolong, taiwan

golden needle 4
black, fujian Province

new craft meizhan 4.5
white, fujian province

peppermint tisane 4

iced white 4.5
with yellow peach peach and mint

iced fragrant leaf (green) 4
iced golden needle (black) 4


& more

orange juice 4
hot cocoa 5
housemade almond milk +1
cold pressed juice 10