breakfast 7a – 3p


eggs and sandwiches

tortilla española 9.5
with lemon aioli and frisee salad

scrambled egg sandwich 9.5
with pimento cheese and pickles
add smoked bacon 3 / add avocado 3

fried egg and sausage sandwich 12.5
fried eggs, nduja sausage, toasted almonds, and date relish

chicken burger 12
with shaved vegetables and tomatillos

grilled pimento cheese sandwich 9
pimento cheese on sourdough with tomato dipping sauce

berkshire ham and cheddar sandwich 9.5
on baguette


plates & salads

bitter greens salad 13
with fennel, boiled egg, herbs, parmesan and lemon vinaigrette

thick cut pork shoulder chop 13
with sunchoke hash and chili-raisin relish



avocado toast  10.5
pickled jalapeño, smoked paprika-lime vinaigrette, and hard boiled egg V

ricotta and roast sweet potato toast 11
with capers, honey and parmesan




soup of the day 9
with half a grilled cheese 12.5
with a whole grilled cheese 16.5



acai smoothie 9.5
acai juice, almond milk, banana, mango, blueberries, honey



avocado 4
bacon 4
toast 3

updated November 2017