Black Fox Coffee Co takes pride in providing choice and education to our customers. Our multi-roast offering ensures the option of three roasters in both espresso and filter preparations. This variety provides our customers with the chance to experience new coffees, while giving our passionate team the opportunity to impart their knowledge.



We are proud to partner with the leading roasters from around the world, including:

HEART – Portland, USA
"We do not take shortcuts. We believe you are only as good as your worst coffee on the menu.”
—Wille Yli-Luoma

COFFEE COLLECTIVE – Copenhagen, Denmark
Stunning coffees of stellar heritage

RITUAL – San Francisco, USA
“We’re obsessed with seasonality. Flavour is everything”
—Eileen Rinaldi

49TH PARALLEL – Vancouver, Canada
"Through all our work to preserve the vibrancy and sweetness of each coffee sourced, you'll be as thrilled as we are.”
—Vince Piccolo

George Howell Coffee was founded in 2004 by veteran coffee pioneer George Howell.